Wednesday, May 22, 2013

2013 Fall TV Lineup Has Been Announced

Super Fun Night image from
This month in TV is a very exciting time as Pilot season has officially wrapped up! The major broadcast networks including ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox and the CW have made their selections and announced their Fall TV schedules. Pilot season began in January after nearly 100 pilots were selected to be shot by the major TV networks, of those 100 or so less than half have been green lit for production to be featured this Fall. Those fortunate to have made the cut for programming this fall include the usual mix of comedy and drama--at least one NY detective show and a show that’s title resonates with the likes of Scandal and Revenge, entitled, Betrayal.  There are a handful of new shows that stand out, however, (in a good way) and their original storylines may have a shot of surviving past season one.

Here are some of the highlights from the shows that made this year's list:

Some big names will be gracing the small screen this coming season including Rebel Wilson in ABC’s comedy Super Fun Night, Malin Ackerman in ABC’s Trophy Wife, Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Gellar in Fox’s comedy, The Crazy Ones and Minnie Driver in About a Boy (NBC).

The writers of the comedic trilogy, the Hangover, will be writing for ABC’s Mixology- which also happens to be set over the course of one night. Hopefully this off the wall comedy will draw in some laughs just as big taking place in an upscale New York City bar.

The CW will be giving many a history lesson with the historical drama, Reign, a shed light on the early life of Mary Queen of Scots.

Michael Jay Fox will be coming back to TV in his self-titled show, The Michael J. Fox Show. Inspired by his own life, Fox will play a family man returning to work as a news anchor with Parkinson’s disease.

Ah yes, and there will be a slew of cop shows, one spin-off (Vampire Diary fans rejoice), and a common theme present of dysfunctional parents- a show named Dads with Seth Green and another appropriately  named Mom featuring Anna Faris.

To view a full list of the pilots that have been green lit, click here.