Monday, March 17, 2014

Spotlight on- Need For Speed

Hollywood has seen its fair share of racing movies and from watching the previews, this one seemed to be just "another one of the racing movies".

It wasn't the fancy Bugati's or Maserati's featured in this film that brought me to watch it, rather the lead actor, Aaron Paul from the incredible TV series, Breaking Bad. Having watched the actor play the role of Jesse for so many seasons it was pure curiosity that led me to watch him on the silver screen. What originally seems like a knock-off version of The Fast and the Furious franchise, Need for Speed features high end racing cars that collectively cost more than a few mansions in Beverly Hills. 

This film offers more than a few high-speed chase scenes and car explosions than most of its predecessors--it actually had a plot that was believable and characters that the audience is able to sympathize with. Aaron Paul delivers as the lead role and although it may not exactly be Oscar worthy, I do hope we'll get to see him on the silver screen more often.

The high intensity, gut wrenching stunts take place from the very beginning of the film until the end and has the audience on the edge of their seats while they follow Paul's character on his wild ride to win the ultimate race. Fresh out of jail for a crime he didn't commit and with nothing to lose, Tobey (Paul's character) seeks justice for his close friend whose life ended in a tragic car crash caused by famous race car driver, Dino Brewster. Tobey's motive is not to seek revenge on Dino but rather to unveil who the real criminal in his race towards victory in the most prestigious and top secret race around. 

The suspenseful flick isn't all serious business, there's a refreshingly good amount of comic relief provided from Tobey's gang who provide some big laughs just when you feel your neck and shoulders tensing up from the death defying driving throughout. And of course, the movie wouldn't be complete with a beautiful blonde love interest who happens to be right by Tobey's side in the passenger seat the entire time.

If you're looking for a fun filled two hours, Need for Speed will definitely leave you satisfied!

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