Sunday, October 27, 2013

Entertainment Law Podcasts Review

         This podcast hosted by entertainment attorneys Gordon Firemark, Esq. and co-host Tamera Bennett is a monthly podcast where Gordon discusses the latest entertainment lawsuits including a variety of legal topics. Gordon is an attorney in the entertainment industry. In this podcast, they discuss each legal dispute and give their professional legal opinion on the case. By stating the facts in each case this podcast gives an unbiased view on court rulings from copyright infringement to trademark disputes of major entertainment brands.

         Hosts Denise Howell and Evan Brown lead this podcast on the latest issues in technology law. As an intellectual property and technology lawyer, Denise Howell leads a weekly discussion on subjects in law such as digital copyright laws and lawsuits pertaining to open Internet rules. She often brings in special guests with expertise in specific areas of law to weigh in on hot topics and to provide their own legal advise on complex issues. Denise covers a lot of internet legal issues as it is an ever changing medium.

         Joe Escalante hosts this weekly podcast on all entertainment related law issues. Joe answers questions from listeners and breaks down major legal disputes in the entertainment industry pertaining to major artists, such as Lady Gaga in his latest episode. He also explains how to go about certain legal requirements such as purchasing rights to songs and how to attain certain licenses. Joe is able to give his professional 

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