Monday, January 13, 2014

The Kick off to Award Season

Last night the Golden Globes kicked off Award Season and recognized the best of TV and film. Hosted by the hilarious female duo, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, the best of the best were awarded last night.

Like all major award shows there’s always some snubs expected, Such as Leonardo DiCaprio in almost any award show. But luckily one of the esteemed organizations finally gave Leonardo the praise and recognition many felt he’s deserved for past years. He won the best actor award for his amazing performance in the highly acclaimed film, The Wolf of Wall Street…. Now if only he can get the same recognition from the Academy Awards! Another exciting win was from the host of the show, Amy Poehler for her role in Parks and Recreation. Perhaps one of the least impressive wins was from another SNL alum, Andy Samberg.  Up against some major names on the TV screen, Samberg took home the award for Best Actor in the less than amazing comedic show Brooklyn 99.  It seems even he felt a bit undeserving, which showed through in his acceptance speech.

Typically, the top nominated films at award shows such as these are ones that fell under the radar or have not even been released yet. One film in particular, Blue Jasmine, which was directed by Woody Allen--the night’s lifetime achievement award recipient-- has yet to be released but it’s leading lady, Cate Blanchett took home the prize for best actress. Usually I’m one of the millions who are in wonder about this award winning performance that has yet to be seen, but thanks to a Jetblue flight home to Orlando I was able to watch the movie.  At the time I thought I was watching an older film but now feel I have bragging rights to finally being apart of a small percentage who can actually vouch for her award winning performance.

Of course, the Academy Awards reign as the queen of the awards circuit for film and it will be interesting to see which films and actors will be nominated. The golden Globes can be viewed as a precursor to the Oscars, but the reality is the winners are chosen from a total of 90 voters for the Golden Globes and over 6,000 registered voters for the Academy Awards! The nominees for the Oscars will be announced this week, January 16th.

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