Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Wolf of Wall Street

In a follow up to my previous post about the Golden Globes winners and nominees, the SAG Awards have taken place and the much anticipated Academy Awards have since released their nominations for this year!

The Wolf of Wall Street received no recognition form the Screen Actor’s Guild awards, but that’s OK because the film, which I just happened to watch this past weekend, received the recognition it deserved scoring several nominations from the Academy.

In addition to being nominated for Best Picture of the year, actors Leonardo DiCaprio and Jonah Hill are both nominated for their roles in the film and Director, Martin Scorsese also received a nom. My fingers are crossed for the wins of this deserving film, talented actors and amazing director!

Just in the first 5 minutes alone of watching The Wolf of Wall Street, you know that you are in store for a wild ride the next 3 hours. Not made for the easily offended, the film is not short of any nudity and drug use. The wild ride tells the story of a young man’s first experience on the job as a Wall Street broker learning the secrets of successful from a very coked up emaciated Matthew McConaughey. Leo’s character soon quits his Wall Street job and has his sites on building his own firm from the amount of insider knowledge he learned working for McConaughey’s character.

Rounding up some of his closest buds to work for him, Leo manages to team up the very funny Jonah Hill (who put on a hysterical Oscar worthy performance) and to my surprise, the lesser known actor/ comedian Henry Zebrowski-- who I just worked with on set for VH1’s Best Week Ever ! The team of “nobody’s” that were round up to make the start of Leo’s new business venture was a tight knit group of skeezy men trained to essentially talk poor people into giving them their money.

As the movie unfolds and the company steadily builds a ridiculous amount of success, the fast rise and slow fall of Leo’s newly built empire begins to crumble. Two hours in, the film has yet to lose any steam and the wild ride continues for another hour. As a viewer its like watching a train wreck about to happen—you can’t take your eyes away!


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  1. Great review. I need to watch this movie now just based on this review!